Don’t put up with chronic pain

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Living with chronic pain can be debilitating, isolating and frustrating. Those who don’t suffer from chronic pain cannot know the limitations and challenges sufferers from chronic pain face each and every day.

Optimal Body, with clinics located at Southport on the Gold Coast and at Springwood, offer a range of treatments to support clients who suffer from chronic pain. We seek to help clients manage their pain so over time they can increase their quality of life and functionality.

Often “mind over matter” just does not work to mask the pain, no matter how much will power we try to use. Knowing this to be true for a number of our clients, our caring and professional team at Optimal Body can tailor make a treatment program dependant on your individual circumstances with a number of therapies.

Here, Optimal Body outline our wide range of therapies that may bring some relief to chronic pain conditions and these are available at both our Gold Coast and Springwood clinics:

Massage Therapy

Relaxation massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage, Myofascial Release therapy and sports massage all provide a wide range of benefits to chronic pain sufferers. Each massage therapy focuses on core elements to either relax, relieve, strengthen and encourage blood flow to affected muscles.

Our caring massage therapists at Optimal Body can recommend the best massage therapy for your condition.  Call our Southport clinic on 0468 416 800 or our Springwood clinic on 0401 114 040 to discuss your massage therapy options.

Alternative therapies

Reiki treats the body as a whole rather than focusing on a specific symptom. Reiki treats the physical body and the emotional and mental state, creating many beneficial results that may include relaxation, feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

Kinesiology is the science of assessing the energetic systems of a person for balanced function, by using the change in response through the muscular system as feedback. Using this feedback, kinesiology identifies any non-invasive treatment to balance the muscular and energetic systems for the purpose of promoting and restoring health.

Along with the massage therapies and alternative therapies we offer at Optimal Body, maintaining a healthy diet and healthy weight range as best you can will assist with managing a chronic pain condition.

Counselling can help with the emotional roller coaster ride of chronic pain along with meditation and deep breathing exercises to relieve anxiety or stress.

Optimal Body clinics on the Gold Coast and Springwood have fully qualified masseuses available to help you manage chronic pain.  We welcome all enquires, so contact us at our Southport clinic on 0468 416 800 or our Springwood clinic on 0401 114 040 today so you don’t have to put up with chronic pain.