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Optimal Body is happy to let our clients know about some of our good friends and partners that also share in your well being. We have compiled a list of other places you may be interested in visiting, and we are happy to endorse any of the businesses you can see listed on this page.

Dr Ben Levi

Massage Therapy - Gold Coast - Brisbane - Dr Ben Levi

Dr Ben is a chiropractor, nutritionist and body movement specialist. After 25 years in the health industry and a passion and interest in the body all his life, Dr Ben dedicates his time and services to making you move, feel and function better.

He treats conditions such as headaches, back pain and spinal stiffness, as well as postural correction and creates goals, which look at you moving better over time.

He studies with the great movement guru, Ido Portal and imparts that information to his clients so they can enjoy the latest and greatest research regarding better functional movement.

His treatment process involves a thorough examination with x-rays and postural analysis and the programs include adjustments and a detailed exercise program aimed at correcting spinal functional imbalances.

X Society

Massage Therapy - Gold Coast - Brisbane - X Society

Here at the X Society we strive to help people of all ages, backgrounds and capabilities reach their full health and fitness potential by providing a nurturing, supportive environment rewarding positive behaviour and changes rather than criticising and allowing negative attitudes to infiltrate.

Do what you can when you can is our motto as there is always SOMETHING you can do if you’re unable to do specific movements due to injury or illness.
Leave the word “CAN’T” at the door as you’ll always be expected to try your best and when you use it you earn yourself 10 push-ups on the spot as we refuse to let people give up before they’ve tried.

All in all we’re a private studio that’s turned working out into a social, community based expected where you’ll always find fun, friends and fitness. Come try us out.

Globe Fitness Club

Massage Therapy - Gold Coast - Brisbane - Globe Fitness Club

Globe is a Fitness Club that makes you feel welcome & gives you the results you expect at an affordable price! Casual, weekly & monthly gym memberships are available from $9.95 per week. We offer discounts for students, pensioners & concession card holders. Get maximum return for your efforts and reach your fitness goals in a flash with help from one of our personal trainers. Drop in and see us, or give us a call today.

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