Safe therapies during pregnancy

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The benefits of massage therapy to the human body are well researched and well known. Relieving stress, anxiety, muscle tension and pain whilst promoting blood flow to muscles and feel good hormones to the body, massage therapy dates back to the dawn of time and for good reason.

Pregnancy is a truly remarkable time in a woman’s life.  As our baby grows, our bodies undergo a range of physical and emotional changes. With those changes though can come tension, pain and discomfort.

What mothers need to be aware of though is that some therapies could potentially harm her or the baby. Along with avoiding certain foods, certain therapies need to be carefully considered before undertaking them.

Optimal Body can help you during this amazing time, by providing some much needed relief from stress, pain or discomfort, with a specialised pregnancy massage! Pregnancy massage by a qualified pregnancy massage therapist from Optimal body is a safe therapy designed to provide physiological benefits whilst giving the mother emotional support.

An Optimal Body pregnancy massage can safely assist pregnant women with:

  • reducing peripheral swelling
  • soothing the nervous system
  • preventing insomnia
  • stress reduction
  • increased relaxation
  • reduced neck, back, and joint pain
  • relief from muscle spasms, cramps, and fibrosis
  • reduced tension, fatigue, and headaches

Optimal Body pregnancy massage therapists are fully trained to provide a safe, therapeutical treatment for pregnant women however pregnancy massage should be perhaps delayed until the first trimester has passed.

Our pregnancy massage therapist works with each client to make them comfortable during the pregnancy massage which may involve the client lying or sitting in different positions. As the pregnancy progresses, positons may be varied to ensure the massage remains safe to mother and baby.

Regular massage therapy throughout the pregnancy can help a woman’s body adjust and relax to the growing miracle inside them and is also said to shorten not only labour time but the return to optimal fitness after birth.

Pregnancy massage offers a very safe massage therapy to both mother and baby when administered by fully trained and qualified pregnancy massage therapists at Optimal Body, Gold Coast and Springwood .

Give Optimal Body’s clinics a call – Gold Coast 0468 416 800 or Springwood 0401 114 040 and let our pregnancy massage therapists help you and your body through the journey to your baby’s birth, in a most relaxed, stress and pain free way!